Monday, June 11, 2012

Prepping docs for e-books:

If you have a document you want to get into an ebook, there's a few things it's -very- hard for me to help you with.  The biggest one is the table of contents.  If you don't tag your chapter headings with Heading tags, it's really really hard for me, or for any program out there to get your chapters into the ToC.

Hint one of the week...  Sections should be Heading 1.  Chapters should be heading 2.  ToC Elements within chapters should be heading 3.  Things you do not want in the ToC should be heading 4 or lower, or should not be headings.

Hint two of the week:  Use BLOCKQUOTE to indent stuff you want block indented rather than changing the margins for the normal paragraph.

I know, this isn't the way you are used to writing.  Ebooks are different.  Sorry.

-_ Rick

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